Virtual Magic Show Vs Online Magic Show

Virtual Magic Shows Vs On-Stage Magic Shows

Magic includes illusion, stage magic, and close-up magic. It is a performing art in which the audiences are entertained by tricks, delusions, and effects seemingly impossible by natural means. Do you know, in 1905, “the magic circle” was formed in London to promote and spread the art of stage music? These days magic shows have moved from theatrical venues to TV shows, so new opportunities have opened up for magicians to bring stage magic in front of a vast audience. Moreover, magic performances can be of various types. Among the different genres of magic shows, the two most popular ones are on-stage magic shows and virtual magic shows. Do you know the difference between both of them? If not, then through reading this article on Virtual magic shows Vs On-stage magic shows you might be able to find out. Let’s see!

On-Stage Magic Shows

On Stage Magic Show

The on-stage magic shows are performed for large audiences, generally within the theatre or auditorium. This type of magic show requires large-scale props, an assistant, exotic animals, and many stage crew. Large illusions can only be performed on stage as the intimate setting can make such magic impossible. Typically, the less magic-using tricks like playing cards and coin magic are not performed on stage, only because it’s harder for the audience to see.

However, with the advantage of modern technology and more affordable video production equipment, digital magicians with amazing virtual magic can also perform close-up magic on stage by projecting the video onto large displays. Therefore, now it’s not impossible to perform card magic on stage.

Virtual Magic Shows

Virtual Magic Show

Virtual magic shows are designed to perform on screens. The virtual magic shows use computer technologies to perform virtually from anywhere in the world. You can say the computer screen finds a way to incorporate magic from the magician’s hand to the computer mouse at your home. Hosting virtual magic shows might seem mysterious to most of you, but the last two years of lockdown have taught us that it is elementary. All you need is a working computer or laptop with a camera and microphone and of course a good internet connection.

These days, many magicians perform virtual magic shows and host the events on Zoom calls or other video calling apps. All that is required is to send the link and a few instructions to your team members and guests. Then everyone logs in, and the virtual magic show starts. Virtual magic shows can bring people together in tough times like the covid pandemic. It will keep your team engaged, and you will be able to create an unforgettable experience for your employees, friends, families, and guests from all over the world.

The virtual magic show was hosted by David Copperfield a professional magician in 1984 on “commodore 64” for the first time. Nowadays, virtual performers experiment with digital animations and illusions to trick the audience. These virtual magic shows are performed on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet Webex, etc.

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