The Basics Of Interior Design by fci London ideas for 2017

When it comes to interior design, it is a good idea to use some of these basic tips to ensure your work or home space looks great and suits your personality. This will ensure you have a wonderful space in which to live and work and what better way than to know how to design your home or office space to suit your individual and unique needs.


Here are some basics of interior design;

  1. Theme – It is important to see a space and envision a unified theme running across the office or home; try to imagine the space as a whole unit with individual and unique spaces that stand out yet fit together seamlessly. Like unique pieces of a puzzle, each unit could have different elements yet the home or office should feel like one and choosing your theme will help you determine what look and feel you are going for.
  2. Space – The amount of space you have at your disposal is important because it helps you determine how much room you have and what overall effect you would like the space to portray.
  3. Colour – With so many colours to choose from, one of the important elements when it comes to interior designing is to choose a colour palette. This allows colours to beautifully contrast to make each room and space unique yet give the whole unit a unified appearance.
  4. Architectural highlights – Look out for a unique trait in each room. Is it the high walls, the way the light hits the room, could it be the roofing design and technique? Let these features stand out and use them to your advantage to bring out the best in each space
  5. Focal pieces – Do you have unique pieces that you would love to display? Don’t be afraid to show them off and make them the centrepieces in each room. This creates a great visual focal point and is a great way to give a room individuality.
  6. Scale and proportion – When it comes to a space you may find you are dealing with a very room with exceptional features, such as very high walls or a long room. The type of furniture you use could help you bring out the features to hide or enhance a room. For example, low furniture seems to make a room seem higher than it actually is.


Use these basic interior design tips to create and design a space everyone will be envious about!

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