Comfort and Weight Factors of DJ Headphones

Anyone starting out in the world of DJing will probably have noticed how DJs spend a lot of time with their headphones not on their head but actually around their neck or one ear on and one ear off. As any DJ will tell you the best headphones are those which provide comfort both around the neck and on the head. Headphones that dig into the jaw and restrict head movement just don’t meet the requirements just as much as headphones that put excessive pressure on the ears don’t. But on the latter point, as you’ll be removing the headphones off your ears as a matter of course, your ears get enough rest to avoid irritation or discomfort.

Comfort and Weight Factors of DJ Headphones

Even so, there may be some DJs who reckon the lighter the pair of headphones, the more comfortable they’re going to find them during a long gig working, but though lightness is desirable in home situations, there are undoubtably more DJs who swear they got used to heavier headphones without difficulty. Not only because they’re on and off their ears all through a gig, but also because they’re much more robust. The conclusion of their years of experience was that the durability of the headphones is reduced proportionately to the greater the amount of plastic used in the manufacture. Best thing to do when choosing your DJ headphones is take your time trying and trialling various pairs to reach the right pair for you.


There’s no easy conclusion to the weight of the best of DJ headphones versus comfort predicament as everyone try to avoid pain but experiences it differently. It might be your budget that causes you to have to sacrifice certain robustness and other such premium features in design, but there are many top DJ models of headphones that deliver value beyond their affordable price tag. To find the best DJ headphones for you you really need mohave experienced a few types in person for a good amount of time. Obviously therefore this means it’s best to avoid buying after just a few minutes in the store.



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